5 May 2017

Java and Flash Content Not Working or Theme Issue on Google Chrome

Has Your Google Chrome Been Acting Strange Lately?

That is probably because your Google Chrome auto-update failed to update automatically. In my case, it happens to the Google Chrome update for Version 57.0.2987 to Version 58.0.3029.96 for Windows and Mac OS on 2017-04-19.

Here's a tutorial on how to manually trigger the Google Chrome auto-update:

Open Chrome browser and click the vertical 3-dots&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>settings button.</b></i></span>
At the settings menu, mouseover to <b><i>[Help]</i></b>&nbsp;and Click <span class=""><i><b>[About Google Chrome].</b></i></span>
Your Google Chrome version is shown here. The update will start automatically.
Last step is to <b><i>relaunch</i> </b>your Google Chrome browser.
Well done! Your Google Chrome browser is up to date.

For iOS and Android version, you may refer to the official Google Help site.

And here's the Google Chrome version history if you are interested.

18 Apr 2017

There are good advertisement and bad advertisement

Choice of word matters in advertisement.

There are many principles to follow as guideline when you are writing a message, especially for advertising purposes like maximum 7 words for billboard and more, that made copywriting a profession.

As a mass communication graduate, I have the habit of analysing marketing messages around myself and sometimes just can't help catching bad examples. One good bad examples is the new Samsung phone ads that appear everywhere, that read "Open Your iPhone".

Below are more bad examples I've seen in the past, and I will try to collect more in the future to store under this post for reference purposes.

What did you read at first glance?

I read 'for FREE (not really)'

What did you read?

I read 'Hell Summer Sales'

13 Sep 2016

YouTube Channel Art Visual Cheatsheet

Struggling to create the logo-display-safe Channel Art for your YouTube Channel?

Here's a tested guideline for your perusal.

YouTube Channel Art Visual Cheatsheet
YouTube Channel Art Visual Cheat-sheet

Drop me a comment if you find it not working.

Happy learning!

12 Jun 2016

LMGIFY | How Free Spotify Premium with Maxis One Plan Works and How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe It

Yes, as a lot of Maxis One Plan users may not know, their Maxis One Plan 98, 128, 158 and 188 actually comes with free Spotify Premium subscription from 14 December 2015 to 30 September 2016.

The last Maxis-Spotify promotion I took part back in early 2014 was a RM10-per-month price cut offer. It was bad experience, that it does not come with free mobile data, and will not cut off automatically when the offer ended. Therefore, I had to set a calendar to remind myself from unsubscribing it, and it took me 30 minutes of troubleshoot with the customer service to figure how to unsubscribe the service. End up actually I only need to disconnect from WIFI to do it on the Maxis network.

And yes, this is what this article all about. In order to trigger the free Spotify Premium subscription or unsubscribe from it, all you need to do is to access the Maxis Spotify Portal on Maxis network. How to do it? Just turn off your phone WIFI and use the mobile data to open that page, then you'll see the subscribe/unsubscribe button.

The good part of this promotion is that it comes with 15GB of free data dedicated for Spotify music/podcast streaming. While the bad part is, that it seems like, it is STILL WILL NOT going to unsubscribe automatically when the offer ends. Thus you'll find Spotify subscription charges in your monthly phone bill when the offer ends, if they did not renew the offer or come out with new offer.

2 Jun 2016

Blog | The Need of Change in Organisational Culture for Companies to Survive Through the Experience Era

In the past decade, digital natives are struggling to work in a half-transformed digital working environment, due to the difficulties of change management led by, in most organisation, senior managements, who are either digital immigrants, or so-called 'digital dinosaur'.

But it is not just digitalisation that has happened over the past decade, the world has entered the post-digitalisation era, which somewhat referred as 'Experience Era', which the workforce gradually popularised by digital wisdoms, as defined by Marc Prensky in his work.

For most established companies that are struggling to survive the transformation of post-digitalisation, the organisation culture has to be redesigned through a human-centred approach to achieve experiential excellence at every level from workgroup to the company as a whole.

Besides, the change management for the organisation cultural realignment has to be from top-down, and to aim for breakthrough innovations. Specifically, the senior management team has to be lean and agile, and the middle management has to be empowered by top management to take more risks, for corresponding reward as well as consequences, for them to feel responsible, to take ownership, and to be proud of their own work.

This is not going to be easy, making change happen will never be easy. But change is necessary, to make this world a better place, to keep the fishes in the net, to stop the bleeding caused by the slow response to a fast-changing world.

As for the operation levels, most of the employees are either new recruits or inexperienced, they are responsive to change of organisational culture when change happens at their superior level. So they're cool, no worries.

1 Feb 2016

How-to | Update Apps on Your iPhone Through iTunes

So I got a new laptop and wanted to utilize the office internet to update my apps. But too bad the company network team's WIFI policy doesn't allow us lower rank staff to update Windows, Android nor Apple Apps and OS, we only allows to update our stuff with the LAN connection.

So I plugged in  my iPhone to the laptop, open iTunes and sync the phone. Sync finished, but the Apps in my phone remain unchanged. Inside the "Apps" page of my phone settings, I can see my Apps appears on the Home screen but not in the left-hand side list.

Searched on Google and found this but not particularly helpful. Can't complaint much as the last post was in 2013. But simply sync the iPhone to iTunes just won't update the Apps.

So I tried to click around and found my apps in the iTunes App Store "Purchased" page.

Apparently you'll need to download back the Apps into your computer using the iTunes App Store before you can update them back to your iPhone.

Here's how you do it:
1. Open iTunes App Store using the 'A' button on top-right and then click "App Store" on the top navbar, then click "Purchased" in the "QUICK LINKS".

2. Wait for it to load, and you'll see the list of Apps you purchased since you got your first iPhone. This might not be the most effective way to do it, but is the way I figured out myself: Click the download button on top-right of each App you need to put back to your iPhone (yeah, and then iTunes will start to download them to your PC).

3. Click the iPhone Icon (with your phone connected to PC) to open the iPhone summary, then  click "Apps" under Settings to see the list of Apps.

4. And now you are able to see your Apps on the left with the "Update" button. Apps you haven't installed into your phone will have the Install button instead, for those with no updates, it will be the Remove button.
I hope it helps. Do feel free to share if you know how to do it without manually go through the list of Apps you purchased all these years and hand-pick them back into your phone.

Have a nice day.

20 Jan 2016

How-to | Move Photo from one Album to another on Facebook

A friend called and ask about how to feature a photo on her Facebook photo album (she uploaded a set of photo) to make it more visible while shared. So I quickly took some photo on my screen to give her the step-by-step.

Today I was cleaning up my photo in the phone and, instead of just throw them into the trash bin, I though might as well post it up just in case anyone else needed it.

So here's how you feature a photo inside your Facebook Album.

Step 1: To get started, you'll need to create an album for the photo, featuring it from your Mobile Upload album doesn't make much sense.

Step 2: Move the photo in your set of photo into the album by using the Options menu on the bottom-right corner of your photo.

Step 3: Now open the album. There's plenty of ways to do it, the simple one is to click on the album name at the bottom-left corner of your photo.

Extra: You can drag-and-drop to move your photo sequence, if you need to.

Step 4: To feature a photo within your album, mouse-over to the top-right corner of your photo thumbnail and make it your Cover Photo.

That's it. The guide above might not be very detailed. If you need me, do leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a nice day.

19 Jan 2016

Movie | Inside Out: Be Brave [Spoiler Alert]

I think the best part of the movie Inside Out, is that, at some point, most of the people, particularly young people, and many of the adults, wouldn't know what should we do with our sadness.

It is very true that, in life, we always focus much on pursuing happiness but ignore the fact about sadness always have to coexist with happiness, like a reflection, like the yin-yang coexistence if you understand what I am talking about, if you don't, never mind.

I especially like the part where the emotions are trying too hard to be happy, and ended up become nothing but a mess. That's very true in life, isn't it? Almost every time, every time we do something and expect it to end happily ever after, things always got turned the other way round and we ended up having to pretend to be still happy about it, even though we're actually not.

To me, the moral from the movie, is that if you have the courage to pursue happiness, you should also be brave enough to let yourself fall into the deep well of sadness. The key is, do not let yourself fall too deep that you know you won't be able to climb back up. Just tell yourself, enough is enough, when the time has come, stand up and walk away.

So, don't be afraid about being sad. Feel the pain, cry out loud, but do believe in joy, when the sad feeling is over, joy will fill up the void, and all these complete us as human.

Have a nice day.

9 Oct 2015

Something to Brag About

Happy to have met groups of teachers that are open to explore new technology in school work. Really appreciate to have the opportunity to present in Seminar 3i.

If you are interested to learn about the session, I've posted my slides here.

Java and Flash Content Not Working or Theme Issue on Google Chrome

Has Your Google Chrome Been Acting Strange Lately? That is probably because your Google Chrome auto-update failed to update automatically....