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Movie | Inside Out: Be Brave [Spoiler Alert]

I think the best part of the movie Inside Out, is that, at some point, most of the people, particularly young people, and many of the adults, wouldn't know what should we do with our sadness.

It is very true that, in life, we always focus much on pursuing happiness but ignore the fact about sadness always have to coexist with happiness, like a reflection, like the yin-yang coexistence if you understand what I am talking about, if you don't, never mind.

I especially like the part where the emotions are trying too hard to be happy, and ended up become nothing but a mess. That's very true in life, isn't it? Almost every time, every time we do something and expect it to end happily ever after, things always got turned the other way round and we ended up having to pretend to be still happy about it, even though we're actually not.

To me, the moral from the movie, is that if you have the courage to pursue happiness, you should also be brave enough to let yourself fall into the deep well of sadness. The key is, do not let yourself fall too deep that you know you won't be able to climb back up. Just tell yourself, enough is enough, when the time has come, stand up and walk away.

So, don't be afraid about being sad. Feel the pain, cry out loud, but do believe in joy, when the sad feeling is over, joy will fill up the void, and all these complete us as human.

Have a nice day.

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