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LMGIFY | How Free Spotify Premium with Maxis One Plan Works and How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe It

Yes, as a lot of Maxis One Plan users may not know, their Maxis One Plan 98, 128, 158 and 188 actually comes with free Spotify Premium subscription from 14 December 2015 to 30 September 2016.

The last Maxis-Spotify promotion I took part back in early 2014 was a RM10-per-month price cut offer. It was bad experience, that it does not come with free mobile data, and will not cut off automatically when the offer ended. Therefore, I had to set a calendar to remind myself from unsubscribing it, and it took me 30 minutes of troubleshoot with the customer service to figure how to unsubscribe the service. End up actually I only need to disconnect from WIFI to do it on the Maxis network.

And yes, this is what this article all about. In order to trigger the free Spotify Premium subscription or unsubscribe from it, all you need to do is to access the Maxis Spotify Portal on Maxis network. How to do it? Just turn off your phone WIFI and use the mobile data to open that page, then you'll see the subscribe/unsubscribe button.

The good part of this promotion is that it comes with 15GB of free data dedicated for Spotify music/podcast streaming. While the bad part is, that it seems like, it is STILL WILL NOT going to unsubscribe automatically when the offer ends. Thus you'll find Spotify subscription charges in your monthly phone bill when the offer ends, if they did not renew the offer or come out with new offer.

Java and Flash Content Not Working or Theme Issue on Google Chrome

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