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Blog | The Need of Change in Organisational Culture for Companies to Survive Through the Experience Era

In the past decade, digital natives are struggling to work in a half-transformed digital working environment, due to the difficulties of change management led by, in most organisation, senior managements, who are either digital immigrants, or so-called 'digital dinosaur'.

But it is not just digitalisation that has happened over the past decade, the world has entered the post-digitalisation era, which somewhat referred as 'Experience Era', which the workforce gradually popularised by digital wisdoms, as defined by Marc Prensky in his work.

For most established companies that are struggling to survive the transformation of post-digitalisation, the organisation culture has to be redesigned through a human-centred approach to achieve experiential excellence at every level from workgroup to the company as a whole.

Besides, the change management for the organisation cultural realignment has to be from top-down, and to aim for breakthrough innovations. Specifically, the senior management team has to be lean and agile, and the middle management has to be empowered by top management to take more risks, for corresponding reward as well as consequences, for them to feel responsible, to take ownership, and to be proud of their own work.

This is not going to be easy, making change happen will never be easy. But change is necessary, to make this world a better place, to keep the fishes in the net, to stop the bleeding caused by the slow response to a fast-changing world.

As for the operation levels, most of the employees are either new recruits or inexperienced, they are responsive to change of organisational culture when change happens at their superior level. So they're cool, no worries.

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